Packing an Atmos clock, or any other clock



Please use only cardboard boxes - DO NOT MAKE OR USE WOODEN BOXES - they do not absorb impact as well as cardboard boxes. Wooden boxes are also heavier and more slippery for the carriers.
You can use the original old wooden boxes, as the inside box

No matter what insurance you have taken, you are not covered for damages to glasses.




If you are packing an Atmos, please do not forget to lock the pendulum; many models also have a much safer locking cup that you screw up from the bottom.......if you have this feature, please use it,

If you have the original box use it as your first box, expecially if it has its own padding frame.

Then put the fist box into a larger box and pad it well, you can use any padding material you like: bubble wrap, polystyrene chippings, foam, scrunched newspaper etc. etc., they are all good.  The more padding the better.   The clock is now safe to send in the post.

If the clock does not need servicing It is advisable to put the clock in a plastic bag, so that no foreign particles will enter the mechanism.




Example of the first Box





Examples of double boxing