The Atmos Clock


J.L.Reutter Atmos Clock


Jean Leon Reutter Atmos,
circa 1933-35.

Early Atmos Clock, before Jaeger LeCoultre
took over the firm in 1935.
It has a mercurial "winding drum"

Atmos Clock cal526


Atmos Cal526, circa 1960's

Please note the "thumb" lines on the pendulum.
Hinged-style opening door.
The locking lever is below the dial


Atmos cal526, Marina model


Atmos cal526, Marina.
circa 1960's

All features are the same as Cal526, 1960's
"Hinged" opening door

Atmos cal526


Atmos cal526, circa 1970's

"Bark " effect pendulum decoration with straight vertical lines.
"Hinged" opening door

Atmos cal528


Atmos Cal528, 1970's - Round Dial

The frame has wide corner plain flat bands.
With removable front door or removable "bell" top
The locking lever is below the base
It has a "frosted" pendulum with straight lines

Atmos cal528 with square dial


Atmos Cal528, 1970's - Square Dial

All features are the same as the round dial, cal528


Atmos cal540 from the 1980's

Atmos cal540, circa 1980's

Clock sitting on 3 round pillars.
Rounded frame corners, pendulum lock below
dial, "bark" effect pendulum and pull-out door.


Atmos cal540 from the 1990's


Atmos cal540, from 1990's onwards

All features are the same as the Atmos cal540
from the 80's, but with different pendulum design

Atmos Millenium, cal556

Atmos Millenium, cal556

Clock dated 1999 or 2000.
This striking model tracks the moon phase,
month and year, up to the year 3000

Atmos Embassy, cal526, circa 1970's

Atmos Embassy, cal526

This model is slimmer than the standard design
with the bellow casing externally exposed at the back,
it comes in other colours as well.